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Finder's Fee Contract

(Offer also valid

without contract!)

€/$ 25 to 50,000 for 5 Minutes?
Support a Big Vision or Charities

Help us so that we can help you - with a data protected alternative. Or donate your finder's fee & we double it!

Help your Friends 

Your contacts will be grateful if you also give them the 

chance to multiply their investment or to get a finder's fee & if they find an investor, you get 1% from us!

Profit from your network and get 5% of each

investment you directly enable. Sharing our video or mail might be enough - no costs or risk.

Share Video


Share our social media postings. Please

also like and comment them, thank you!

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We would appreciate it very much if you

want to follow our social media channels.

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Video links to share on social media / in mails or to download (right mouse click on the playing video):



Good video for social media sharings, because it starts fast. But please also write some text and link us:

Good video to link in a personal mail or message, because it starts with the topic (not too suddenly) and 

has a permanent link to

2 minutes version of our video, e.g. if you want to share it on Twitter. It misses some interesting aspects, but sometimes 2 minutes are the cap.

1 minute version and only for Instagram sharings (864 x 1080 format). Please don't use it for other networks, thank you.

Everyone Wins


Everyone wins

if you ...


- it's like lottery, but(!) free of charge, faster

  and with much higher chances & winnings

- it's not like lottery, because greatest effort

  or creativity are almost certainly rewarded

- we promise that we will always put the

  user first & you support a positive change

- more money for app development instead of 

  advertising our crowd-investing-campaign

- not being forced to sell shares also means 

  not being forced to maximize revenue at our

  users expenses (e.g. big data or forced ads) - thanks to you we can realize our vision 


... give your contacts

the same chances

you got.


- they have to decide for themselves, but only you give them a choice!

you never know who they know - like you, they can benefit greatly

- if they invest, we are totally sure that they will multiply their money

- they also profit from our limited offer (e.g. hedging with shares)

- maybe they are also proud to support a data secure alternative with

  honest user focus & media/press could be thankful for a great story

The best offer is useless if

it's not found. THX!



Finder's Fee Contract

(Offer also valid

without contract!)



Let's make some estimations:


Multipliers = Media/Press, Blogger/Vlogger, Angel-

or Crowd-Investing-Networks, Growth Hackers, etc.

Make your own 


Social Impact


Our primary goal? We want to create a data protected alternative for social networks and messengers. A look back at history shows that transparency makes people easy to manipulate and vulnerable.

Especially Virtual Reality makes behavioural observations automatable and should not suffer the same fate as the Internet.

Of course we also have to finance connect, but altruistic goals and making money do not have to conflict with each other. Since our financial success depends almost completely on our user numbers, an unlimited user focus also makes economic sense. That is why we make all decisions dependent on the wishes of our users. Take this as a promise.

Data Protection

Without Option-In we do not collect user data or use them for ads. We  will do everything possible to prove maximum privacy & encryption.


Data Protection, Privacy, Encryption

We will only advertise with the consent of the users and they can earn 50% of our revenue for voluntary big data, surveys or advertising.

No Forced Ads

connect and all its useful functions     will remain free forever. Only playful content without any influence on usefulness can be purchased.


Free of Charge

A "social" network should also assume social responsibility. Without censorship, we want to promote e.g. educational or mental health content.


Education instead

of Shooters

Many of our competitors are building their own restrictive ecosystems, restricting the freedom of users. connect will be completely open.


Free VR World


Fun and addiction are not the same! We will not develop own or integrate foreign content that is excessively using addiction mechanisms.

Addiction Prevention



Finder's Fee Contract

(Offer also valid

without contract!)


Who? - Almost everyone, incl. individuals, media/press, companies, networks, etc.

How? - Investor names you as mediator 

(information + truth liability & transparency)

Preparations? - None required, in case of success we will find you. Make it easier.

When? - You'll get your 5% within 4 weeks after we received the investment sum

How much? - 5% of the investment sum, if you directly find an investor and 1%, if you found the finder who found an investor.

How often? - There is no limit, you can get 5% or 1% as often as you have success.

How to find investors? - Sharing our video might be enough, but chances are much higher with a personal approach. Our tips.

Legal? - Yes, but depending on the legal situation of your country, it may be necessary for you to pay taxes and/or register a business. With smaller amounts this should(!) not be necessary (it could be a "gift"), with larger amounts this step is worth it. Alternatively, you can always convert your finder's fee into an investment (profit sharing & fixed interest until it was multiplied) to overcome the bureaucracy.

Who & How?


How much?

More Details:


You may use this prepared texts, pictures and documents e.g. in mails or messages.


However: In our experience, personal approach works much better than online.



Different versions of short mails. Please choose the best fit and add your own words.


Different versions of longer mails. Please choose the best fit and add your own words.


You may share our pitch deck, e.g. via mail. We recommend to link to our online pitch anyway.


This presentation deck needs a verbal explanation. You can use it as a teaser too.


Different versions of short (social network) messages. Please choose the best fit and add your own words. 


Different versions of longer messages. Please choose the best fit and add your own words.


Please don't spam media companies, only forward our press release if our topic is a great fit for them!

This button links to some pictures & videos, but we would love if you make your own in-app-screenshots/recordings!

Please don't spam or harass people and comply with all laws! We are not responsible for your actions!



Lifetime all* free in connect
Fast Action Reward

Company shares as a hedge if the fixed interest payments are not paid according to plan.

Number of days left =     % percentage of your investment as additional profit sharing.


Company Shares

Get all connect in-app-purchases (*that cost less than €/$ 50) for free - for a lifetime! Of course you can resell them. Also valid for investments of €/$ 500.

Limited Offer

Your support allows us to focus on our app development and makes our success independent from having a huge advertising budget. Money shouldn't always decide about success or failure - but your help can make the difference! Thank you. :)




*It's easier for    us to contact you and pay

the finder's fee & we can send you a contract too!

We will never pass your data to third parties and we are bound to the GDPR.
Thank you! If you asked something, we will answer you soon and maybe add your question here.


Finder's Fee Contract

(Offer also valid

without contract!)

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