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How much money will I get for finding an investor?

You can receive either 5% (direct referral) or 1% (indirect referral) of the investment sum as a bonus. Because investors can invest at least €/$ 500 and a maximum of one million, this would be at least €/$ 25 and a maximum of €/$ 50,000 for a direct mediation with 5%. Our 14 previous investors have invested an average of about 50,000 euros, which would be around 2500 euros for you.

What does the percentage (5% or 1%)of my finder's fee depend on?

You will receive either 5% or 1% of the investment sum - depending on whether you refer the investor directly to us or whether your help leads to someone else referring an investor to us. If you find the investor, you will receive 5% of the sum he/she invests. If you find someone else who finds an investor, you will receive 1% of the invested sum through this indirect mediation.
Example 1: You share our video, an investor becomes aware and invests € 100,000. You get 5% of the sum, i.e. € 5,000.
Example 2: You draw the attention of a media publisher to us and they report about our offer, whereby two investors each invest € 20,000. The publisher receives 5% of the two sums, i.e. € 2,000, and you receive 1% of both sums, i.e. € 400.

How quickly will I receive the finder's fee?

Once we have received the money from the investor, you usually will receive your percentage share within 5 business days and at the latest within 4 weeks.

Who can participate?

If you are a minor, your parents or legal guardians would receive your finder's fee and should pay you the money when you come of age - but it's not our responsibility to control this. From our side there are no other requirements. Relatives of the investor may mediate as well as professional companies (e.g. investment advisors, crowd investing platforms, investor networks, growth hackers, etc.) or media companies and influencers. Our offer applies to all equally.

Do I have to sign a contract?

Only if you successfully found an investor, we need a contractual confirmation that your information for the mediation correspond to the truth and you have received the full finder's fee as well as take care of possible tax obligations yourself.

Are there any costs or risks for me?

No. Only when you are entitled to a finder's fee it can become necessary - depending on the legal situation in your country - to report this additional income and pay taxes for it. However, there are many large, international companies such as Google or Amazon that also offer referral fees. Especially with smaller sums there are usually no tax or bureaucratic expenses - and with larger sums it is worthwhile to accept possible taxes. But we are not responsible for knowing the legal situation of your country and our information is without guarantee!

Why is it legal FOR YOU to offer a finder's fee?

It's legal FOR US to offer you a finder's fee, because nobody gets hurt (e.g. by hidden costs or risks), no false promises are made (everyone can mediate successfully with a little luck, but of course it doesn't have to work for everyone) and equal rights apply to everyone - regardless of their gender or origin. Our bonus system is also not a pyramid or snowball system, because nobody loses in the end. In contrast to a pyramid game there are not infinitely many "generations", but only 2: the mediator (finder) and (possibly) the pre-mediator (finder of the finder). ATTENTION: The next question will answer, if it is legal for YOU too.

Are there any risks for me if I share your videos and postings?

No. Since our videos are neither copyrighted nor include prohibited content, it is absolutely legal to share them.

How high is the risk for investors?

As with all crowd-investing campaigns, there is no 100% guarantee of success with us. But we have almost no fixed costs, can reduce our variable personnel costs to a few thousand euros per month if required and, conversely, have an enormous margin, unique growth hacks for rapid growth, very good first traktion and a very high scaling potential. We would say that the risk is very low, but the best way to get your own impression is to study our pitch deck.

Can an investor also invest at different conditions?

Of course, any investor can make us a counteroffer. How likely we are to accept this also depends on what he wants to offer us in addition to the investment (e.g. personal commitment, important contacts, meaningful cooperation, etc.).

Does my premium depend on the conditions of the investor?

No. It is independent of this and always consists of 5% (direct) or 1% (indirect) of the invested sum.

How do you determine who was a direct or indirect finder?

Before we conclude contracts with an investor, the investor must provide us with contractual information on how he/she became aware of our project. If there are any uncertainties, at least certain intermediary channels, such as shared postings, can be traced back.

Can't the investor simply favour the wrong finder?

With his signature, the investor confirms that his information about the intermediary is true and he can be prosecuted if he makes false statements. Depending on the legal situation of a country, a deliberate false statement could have very serious consequences. If an intermediary has evidence of his claim, a court would award him the finder's fee and the investor would face serious consequences. The time when an investor saw our shared video or read a sent mail is relatively easy to prove. For other forms of mediation, we recommend that a written confirmation be obtained if there is a lack of trust. However, we assume that most investors will be honest with their statements and do not want to take any legal risk.

What happens if several people have mediated?

A mediation with a personal conversation (e.g. a telephone call or a short presentation) has priority over a communication that is exclusively digital (e.g. the distribution of our video, a media report or the sending of e-mails).
After all, it would be unfair for someone to reach tens of thousands of investors via mass mailings, social networks or a media report and thus not convince anyone, but at the same time take away the chance of the bonus from subsequent, much more committed intermediaries.
But otherwise the time counts: Who has mediated earlier, gets the finder's fee. For the question of who was the finder of a finder, only the chronological order counts and it doesn't matter how personal the mediation was.
Example 1: You share our video and one of your friend finds an investor. If you first drew this friend's attention to our project - whether through digital communication or a personal conversation (because he's not an investor who would make a difference!) - then you're considered a pre-mediator (finder of the finder) and get 1% of the sum, even if other people informed your friend about this opportunity through personal conversations, but later.
Example 2: An online page reports about our offer (i.e. exclusively digital communication), but you manage to convince an investor through personal talks - then you get the 5% finder's fee, even if the investor has already heard about our offer through this online page before. In this case, also the person who first informed you about our offer will be accepted as the pre-mediator (1%) and not the online site.

Why do you choose this form of financing (crowd investing)?

Usually, investors who invest very large sums also want company shares and the right to have a say. We want to prevent, for example, VCs or shareholders from forcing us to pure profit maximization, to make intrusive advertising in connect, to introduce costs or to collect big data. We want to ensure that the user always comes first and see crowd-investing as the best opportunity to preserve this independence.

Why do you reward finders?

Because we are dependent on their help and want to return the support accordingly. A reward for mediators is common practice in many companies.

How likely will I receive my bonus if I find an investor?

With the following requirements with 100% certainty:
1.) Your investor will contact us before we publicly announce on our homepage that we are no longer looking for an investor. After that we may make an exception in some cases.
2.) Your investor is serious, not a minor, sane and does not violate any laws when investing in our company.
3.) According to our rules (see more on this in the other questions) you are clearly a direct mediator (5%) or pre-mediator (1%).

Is it entirely up to me how I look for investors?

Basically yes. But from our experience we can assure you that it makes little sense to contact foreign investors via investor networks, social networks, mass mailings or other spam. Professionals in particular receive a lot of messages and will not react to them. In addition, any other intermediary who conducts personal, not purely digital conversations has a privilege and would receive the bonus instead of you.

Do you have any tips on how to find investors particularly easily?

We have had excellent experience in getting investors excited about the project with a personal interview. In our case, at least half of these investors were seriously interested (leading to 6 investment deals), while the purely digital contact with strangers was practically hopeless. That's why we came up with the idea for this novel form of crowd investing: because we got the impression that it's almost impossible to get the necessary attention without personal conversations. Although our contacts and opportunities to make contacts are very limited, when hundreds of people (instead of one or two) use their network to be listened to, our chances of success are suddenly very positive.

Can I also join you as an investor myself?

This is of course possible if you are willing to invest at least 500 Euros. The prerequisite is that you are of age and sane. If all this applies to you, the best thing you can do is contact us so that we can discuss all further steps personally.

How much money do you want to collect in total?

Our goal is 1 million euros - that's what we need to get our project off to a successful start. However, we assume that even a small sum will lead to great success, as we have done a lot of preparatory work and have been paving the way for our project for 3 years.

What happens if I find an investor but you don't need any more money?

If you find us an investor before we have publicly announced on our homepage (e.g. here, at this point) that we are not looking for any more investors, we will accept him. After that we don't feel obliged to do so anymore, but depending on the overall situation we will try to accommodate you and the investor as much as possible. However, we are interested in financing up to 5 million euros in long term, i.e. there should be enough room for almost anyone who can find an investor.

Does your offer apply to every investor?

Yes, for every adult, sane, serious investor who does not violate any laws with his investment. Private individuals or companies can also invest. Of course we check every investor conscientiously, but we will not reject anybody as long as these basic requirements are fulfilled.

What is the maximum number of investors I can mediate?

There is no upper limit for this. As long as we accept investors' money (maximum 1 million euros short term and up to 5 millions long term (very likely needs a new campaign, prospectus requirement)) and our project is not yet sufficiently financed, you will receive your premium for every successful placement.

Will it be published who has invested or received a premium?

That depends on the investor or the respective intermediary. Of course, we would like to take photos and publish them on our homepage so that the media can also report on them. If you invest or have successfully mediated, it is your decision if you want to do so or not. If required by law, we will also have to provide information about the premiums paid or investments made, but we will respect any desire for anonymity to the best of our ability.

Is it legal FOR ME to accept a finder's fee?

The good answer: There is certainly a legal way that you will get your finder's fee and we will find and use this way with you if you get a claim for a finder's fee. Unfortunately, we cannot provide legal information for all countries of the world, because the legal situation is very different. There are countries in which you have to pay taxes for this income and in some you even need a trade or business licence in order to be allowed to act as an intermediary. Typically, this is only necessary if you regularly mediate and/or mediate "on a commercial scale" (professionally), but not in the case of one-time mediations or smaller sums of money, but we can't give you any guarantee. Many large companies offer referral fees, including Amazon and Google, so that's nothing unusual.
If you are entitled to a finder's fee and find out that you are not allowed to receive the payout, although we classified it as a gift, then you would have two options:
1.) If it's worth it (because the amount is high enough), you can apply for a business license, overcome the bureaucratic hurdles and pay tax on your income, or 2.) you can convert your claim into an investment. Then it would be as if you had invested your claim in connect and you may receive a multiple of your finder's fee as a profit share with an annual fixed interest rate. Whatever you decide: You never lose your claim to your fnder's fee, no matter which way we have to use to pay you your claim or how long it takes.




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Finder's Fee Contract

(Offer also valid

without contract!)