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Social Impact


Our primary goal? We want to create a data protected alternative for social networks and messengers. A look back at history shows that transparency makes people easy to manipulate and vulnerable.

Especially Virtual Reality makes behavioural observations automatable and should not suffer the same fate as the Internet.

Of course we also have to finance connect, but altruistic goals and making money do not have to conflict with each other. Since our financial success depends almost completely on our user numbers, an unlimited user focus also makes economic sense. That is why we make all decisions dependent on the wishes of our users. Take this as a promise.

Data Protection

Without Option-In we do not collect user data or use them for ads. We  will do everything possible to prove maximum privacy & encryption.


Data Protection, Privacy, Encryption

We will only advertise with the consent of the users and they can earn 50% of our revenue for voluntary big data, surveys or advertising.

No Forced Ads

connect and all its useful functions     will remain free forever. Only playful content without any influence on usefulness can be purchased.


Free of Charge

A "social" network should also assume social responsibility. Without censorship, we want to promote e.g. educational or mental health content.


Education instead

of Shooters

Many of our competitors are building their own restrictive ecosystems, restricting the freedom of users. connect will be completely open.


Free VR World


Fun and addiction are not the same! We will not develop own or integrate foreign content that is excessively using addiction mechanisms.

Addiction Prevention

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